Hello world. Once again I find myself embarking on a new blog. Why now? Why try this again? I've had various levels of blog in the past, from a basic tumblr style thing, on up to a very needy auto racing blog (now defunct, sadly). Blogs are a pain in the ass. They are constantly stale unless you feed them religiously. There's nothing more disappointing than going to your blog and seeing that you haven't updated it in a months.

I have enough going on in my life right now - working at multiple companies (a partner in one of them), all while trying to have a life and keep a happy wife. Why create another thing that needs my attention when it's already spread too thin?

Well…that's just it really. For the life of me, I cannot seem to focus on anything of any great significance other than a TV show or movie. I can't get a single, even slightly complex task done in an acceptable amount of time. Oh sure I can bang out two-to-three sentence emails like there is no tomorrow. But God forbid the task take even the slightest bit of directed through. I find myself actively putting such tasks off. This is not good, for me personally, or my future in the business world. Any world really.

I used to be a little more focused. Things started to spiral downward a few years into running my own digital agency (it was called Accession Media). The first few years I was a one-man show. I produced work that clients wanted, and word-of-mouth allowed me to survive and even grow a little bit. Of course, that wasn't good enough and I wanted to GROW MORE!

I started to get more work and with it came employees…at which point I was still doing a lot of the "work" for clients myself, but also teaching employees how to do even more work. It was at this point when I began to transform into a true entrepreneur - "chief cook and bottle washer" - I did a little of everything. And after a while of doing a little of everything, you start to suck at doing a lot of anything. You become the proverbial "Jack of all trades, master of none."

I used to design websites, code websites, and build and run PPC & SEO campaigns. Now I have employees who are far superior at all those tasks than I, which is great. I'm really proud of them for the skills they have attained. But I find that while they have grown - my brain is a pile of mush. I can't even focus on writing a proposal…never mind building websites!

So that my friends is the purpose of this blog. I want to focus on writing something - ANYTHING - for a set amount of time per day/week. I think I need at LEAST one post a week. Each post will be timed, and you'll know how much time I spent on it. The goal here is similar to the Pomodoro technique (Google it…I'm too focused on this posting to go get the link for you). I will write and edit one blog entry a week (at least) in a straight-through un-interrupted manner. From blank screen, to fully completed and published blog posting.

Disclaimer - because of this these postings may…

Have really crappy content. They can't all be winners. But hey, it's about the FOCUS to just do it. To produce something - once I can do that again then I'll work on producing something GOOD.
Have many typos and grammatical errors. I reserve the right to fix them later if I wish….or leave them for everyone to mock if I don't.
Vary greatly in length depending on how focused I may or may not be in that particular session.

So there it is - take it with a grain of salt…I sure am.


Info about this posting:

Where: Train to NYC (with various obnoxious people speaking loudly into cell phones in odd languages - a true test of the ability to focus!)

How long did this post take to write: Approx 25 minutes