When I found myself needing to furnish an apartment from the ground up a couple years back, I needed to get some decent furniture that was affordable. I did a little research and of course IKEA came to the top of the list for just about everything. Though sometimes belittled as furniture that isn’t super durable, but is super cheap - IKEA’s legendary POÄNG chair line has certainly gained my praise.

You can buy the bottom-end of the POÄNG line (including the ottoman, which is a must-have) for under $150 USD. And I have to say I’ve been quite impressed at how well designed this simple looking chair is. The ergonomics seem to work really well for me (a 6-foot, 200lb+ male). I can spend hours in this thing (where I happen to be as I write this) without back or neck soreness.

The one complaint I have about the POÄNG design is the un-padded arm rests. When using my laptop in the chair my elbows naturally bend and press against the edge of each arm rest. Because they are un-padded hardwood, it starts out as irritating, and after a while gets to be just plain painful.

However, after trying a few hacks, I’ve found a solution.

If you too love your POÄNG, but not-so-much the rock-hard arm rests, the “Soft Neoprene Armrest Covers For Railing And Loop Style Chair Armrests" from Ergo360 seem like they were made for these chairs. I bought a set on Amazon.com (where I buy just about everything) and laced them onto my chair.

Because they attach with lacing they do not damage the chair itself and, should you not like them, are easily removed by simply unlacing them. They fit VERY securely and, as long as you lace them on tightly, do not budge due to the grippy-ness of the neoprene. They only seem to be available in black, so if you have a black POÄNG cushion, you’ll match perfectly - If not (like me), you’ll just have to deal. They don’t offer an excessive amount of padding, but just enough to eliminate the elbow discomfort, taking my POÄNG from excellent, to ideal.