We all seem to be wearing headphones at work nowadays at some point or another. Some of us are programmers who need long periods of undisturbed focus. Some of us are business people that are interrupted constantly and need to get back in the groove quickly. Some of us are in the worst case of all…straddling both scenarios!

So the big question becomes…what is it that’s pumping out of your headphones? I have tons of music, news, podcasts, radio, etc. But that’s if my goal is to be entertained. What if I want something that I can “ignore" but at the same time puts my brain into the right frame of mind to get things done?

I usually default to “ambient" music, classical, or light electronic music. But lately I’ve been really liking something new called Focus@Will.

What’s cool about it is the total lack of effort you have to put in, and so far it seems to be working well. You just choose a genre of music from their drop down. It does the rest. I’ve been digging the Classical and Ambient channels (following my usual patterns I guess). The choices are relaxing, but not “sleepy" per se. They seem to be just the right music to make me zone in on what I need to be working on. Apparently there’s some science behind this.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh…and yes there’s a free level, which is what I’m using. I already use Spotify heavily and can’t justify another paid music service right now. But if this helps me make more money by being able to focus…who knows.