I've been really into a bunch of different podcasts for several years now. No ground breaking recommendations for you, just the usual suspects…

This American Life
Radio Lab
The Moth
Here's The Thing
Mac Break Weekly
Mac Power Users
Girl on Guy

…all very addictive stuff. Love listening while working (depending on the brain power needed for a given task) or while walking the dogs, etc.

I had been using the iTunes Podcast functionality, and the Podcast Apple app on my iPhone 5. As Alec Baldwin would say…"here's the thing"…I failed to figure out how to easily keep the desktop software (iTunes) in sync with the phone.

If I listend to a podcast on the phone, it would not be removed from the desktop app - and vice versa. This should be a pretty simple thing that could be accomplished via cloud synchronization, but apparently not.

I like to listen to my podcasts both on my phone (walking, commuting, whatever) and on my MacBook Pro while working at the desk. Up until the other day, I was unable to find a "pod-catching" app that had both an iOS app AND desktop software for OS X. However, while listening to Mac Power Users, David Sparks mentioned that the long standing app Instacast now had a beta version of an OS X app companion!

I downloaded, installed, and yes, PAID FOR both and I have to say it has been a great experience vs. the stock Apple Podcast app and iTunes. I don't know why it has to be this way - I really want the stock apps from Apple to be great, but the only one I've found that I feel is great, is mail. It's nearly perfect on iOS, and with some add ons, is perfect on OS X (in my humble opinion).

If you've had similar dilemma's with your podcasting software of choice, it might be time for you to revisit the Instacast app you probably already knew about - and meet it's new OS X-based cousin.

UPDATE 5/30/13 - I feel that I neglected to mention the COOLEST feature of these two products working together: I can be listening to a podcast at my desk at 11:59am….pick up my iPhone and head out to walk the dogs….turn on Instacast and the podcast I'm listening to at my desk picks up a few seconds before where I just left off at my desk! How hot is that? Then of course it works the other way when it's time to go back to the desk after our lunch walk!!! NAILED IT.