Here’s the brief list of annoying “tech speak" habits that make me want to shoot myself...

Starting sentences with "So..." and ending every statement with "right?"
Watch any major tech luminary with zero media training and more money than they know what to do with. Every other sentence starts with "So..." and ends with “right?" - seeking that self gratification that they are indeed ..."RIGHT?" I’ve personally had to rid myself of the “So…" part of this, but never got caught up in the “right?" phenomenon.

Ending sentences with a pitch increase.
When many techies are explaining how their latest app works, they tend to like to end each sentence with a pitch increase. You also do this when you are talking to a small child and explaining why punching their sibling is a bad thing. I’m thrilled to find out that this actually has a name: HRT (high-rise terminals). More on it here: Bottom line: this manner of speaking makes you sound like you are talking down to people. That they are too stupid to get what you are saying without you posing it with the sound of a question to keep the brainless morons engaged.

Calling every app and piece of software “stunning."
This isn’t so much a manner of speaking, but rather a manner of writing marketing materials. Every freaking app that follows Jony Ive’s new “flat look" is now “stunning." How can something be “stunning" and at the same time completely sparse and devoid of any detail?

This list will be added to as more things annoy me. Add your favs in the comments!