We had our first “cold” meeting with an investor today. We’ve met with and done fairly “deep dives” with friends-of-the-company type folks before today - but today was the first time an investor asked to meet us, and did the classic "OK tell me what you do and what you want.”

The thing that was most interesting to me was that in preparing mentally for the meeting I found myself trying to figure out “who does this guy want me to be?” Does he want the super aggressive nut job entrepreneur that pisses passion and shits determination? Or does he want the level headed realist with a dream and a goal?

In the end I could only be myself….which is somewhere in between those two things…but leaning towards practical of course

I have to say this particular investor fella was pretty impressive. Both his resume (successfully exited several companies) as well as his general presence and demeanor. Our time with him was very short, so the no-nonsense, straight to the point attitude and approach was partly a byproduct of that, but I can tell it’s also just how this dude operates - and I dig that.

I think we did OK. He would like to talk with us further and introduce us to his partners, so that’s a good thing.